Give the Gift of Home to LGBTQ & HIV+ Communities in San Francisco

30% of San Francisco's Homeless are LGBTQs. Be part of the solution. Help prevent & end homelessness today by becoming a QBuilder monthly donor.

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Every brick matters in building a strong home. Every dollar counts in making this possible.

The Q Foundation believes in a world where all people have a safe, decent, and affordable home. Toward this vision, we prevent homelessness primarily for LGBTQ and HIV communities by protecting the housing they already have, providing resources to secure new housing, and promoting public policy to increase opportunity for all.

30% of the City's population of people experiencing homelessness come from the LGBTQ communities. According to the San Francisco Board of Supervisor's Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Housing Plan, there are up to 2,500 homeless people with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco and 13,000 with an unmet housing need. We are disproportionately impacted by homelessness. 14% of people with HIV/AIDS are homeless at any given time.

The National AIDS Housing Coalition reports that up to 60% of people with HIV/AIDS will experience housing instability at least once during the course of their illness. Those who lose their housing are 5 times as likely to perish and are much higher users of expensive emergency care. The provision of housing assistance leads to a 50% reduction in behavior that can lead to viral transmission making housing resources one of the most cost-effective HIV prevention tools available.

It is in this context that AIDS Housing Alliance/SF was born which evolved to The Q Foundation today. We are a strong, independent and authentic voice for the needs of the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS communities, founded and run by disabled people with HIV/AIDS.


Brick Builders ($10/month) allow our housing advocates to travel to our clients for friendly home visits for seniors and disabled residents. Get a Q Foundation mug.

Mortar Builders ($20/month) help cover costs to provide awareness and education on housing opportunities. Get a Q Foundation mug and shirt.

Wall Builders ($50/month) ensure we have a growing fund to prevent eviction. Get a Q Foundation mug, shirt and hat or tote.

Roof Builders ($100/month) ensure we have a growing fund for providing move in deposit assistance to secure new housing. Get a Q Foundation mug, shirt, hat or tote and 2 tickets to our Annual Q Gala.

Foundation Builders ($250/month) provide housing subsidies to our LGBTQ seniors and disabled fellows which help them keep their housing. Get a Q Foundation mug, shirt, hat or tote and 4 VIP tickets to our Annual Q Gala.


I first came to San Francisco a homeless prostitute deep in my addiction/alcoholism and went to what was formerly known as AIDS Housing Alliance / SF to seek help from its founder, Brian Basinger. Slowly but surely, they were able to hook me up with housing leads and when I eventually did, offered financial assistance so I can move in when I couldn't afford it. There were also times through the years when I couldn't pay rent when The Q Foundation was able to help me pay the rent.

Six years after, I am now living stably in a house in the Sunset with Sylvester T. Cat, in recovery from addiction, healthy as I can be, and practicing a career in design and marketing working with different non-profits and private sectors in California. It is true what they say: A healthy well-being starts with having basic needs met first, which definitely requires one to have a place to call home.